A dash of CURRY... goes a long way.

Matt Curry, author of the A.D.D. Entrepreneur, has a message so potent – that a dash of it is all you need.

His successes are because of his Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) not in spite of it. He’s learned how to use his symptoms of A.D.D. as his superpower to build successful businesses and publish a Wall Street Journal best seller.

Matt’s “SAY YES” attitude and energy are contagious…catch it and see what opportunities can unfold before you!

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Matt Curry is a highly successful entrepreneur and automotive industry expert with more than 30 years’ experience. From his first job changing tires at age 15 to his current accomplishments as a best-selling author and consultant, Matt is a visionary whose achievements have been recognized across the business world. Matt started his flagship company, Curry’s Auto Service, in 1997 with one shop and grew the company to 10 locations. When he sold his business, Curry’s had annual revenues of almost $20 million and had won numerous awards.

Matt is available to share his insights to help business owners, entrepreneurs, organizations, youth, and educators on how to harness your superpowers to be a kickass person!

Craftsman Auto Care is the newest offering from the legendary Matt Curry team.  Established in 2017, it is comprised of ASE-Certified Master Technicians with an average of 30 years’ experience, and sets the bar in auto care, delivering the highest level of workmanship and customer satisfaction.  It features the newest industry technology in digital inspections and services European, Domestic, Import and Hybrid & Electric vehicles from 4 locations serving Virginia, Maryland and DC.

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